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Your report is digitally delivered via email – If you haven’t received your personalised readings by email within 48 hours please check your spam and trash folder. If it is not here please contact for assistance.



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Yes, the way a  question is phrased is critical to the effectiveness of a reading. Please read the section on “Tarot Reading & phrasing questions” located on the the Ask the Tarot product page.

No, for environmental and delivery efficiency reasons we do not ship printed readings.

Tarot does not predict the future, it needs to thought of more of an examination of the various possibilities on your life journey; your reading will make you aware of potential upcoming life themes and various possibilities.

Although Tarot Reading is used as a tool for spiritual growth and personal development, it is still to be viewed as a form of Entertainment.

Tarot Reading is subject to interpretation and can not be taken as absolute. Tarot Readings do not replace Professional Medical/Legal/financial Opinion and Advice on any occasion.

If you are suffering difficulties in any of the above areas of; health, mental health, legalities and financial concerns, you must consult with those Professionally Qualified to give suitable treatment or advice.





If you need assistance please contact


Personalized readings cover Finance, Career, Love/romance, Success or Family and more which can been seen on the product pages.



Unfortunately, once a reading is commenced we cannot change the details or question.


Your report will be completed and delivered within 48 hours digitally via eMail.

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    *DISCLAIMER: The information provided on, and in any reports, emails, ebooks, or other materials you might receive from TarotMystics, is for entertainment purposes only. We are not responsible for how you interpret or apply information in the reports. If you are struggling with serious problems, including chronic illness, mental instability, or legal issues, please consult with your local registered health care or legal professional as soon as possible. Please also carefully read the full Terms and Conditions located in the FAQ